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The venue will be spotless for you at the beginning of your rental, so it’s only fair that you help us get it back that way by the end of your rental. The cleaning guide below will tell you what you need to know to effectively cleanup.

 Unless the cleaning add-ons is purchased, all renters are required to return the venue to the state in which it was upon arrival – clean. Party Vibes Events LLC will provide all necessary cleaning supplies to be used for cleanup. Cleaning supplies not provided by Party Vibes Events LLC are not allowed to be used to cleanup the venue. Cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen area. Brooms/dustpans and mops are supplied and can be found in the prep room.

Use the following checklist to ensure that you have properly cleaned the venue.

  • Only use the cleaning rags (labeled) found in the kitchen. Place used/soiled rags into the soiled rags container (labeled).

  • Remove any and all added decorations from the walls and from the venue.

  • Wipe down all countertops and kitchen prep tables. Ensure no gum or gunk is stuck to the underside of the countertops or in the sink.

  • Wipe down tables, chairs. Remove any gunk or buildup from any food or debris left behind. Ensure there is no gum underneath any tables, chairs or barstools.

  • Stack tables, chairs, and barstools on their respective dollies and place them back into the prep room where they were found.

  • Remove everything from the refrigerators and microwaves. No items should be left behind.

  • Wipe down the inside and outside of the refrigerator and microwaves.

  • Remove all trash bags, tie them tightly, and place them in the dumpsters on the property. The dumpsters are located 1 buildings section over, along the brick wall at the back of the complex. All boxes should be broken down and placed inside the dumpsters.

  • Please do not leave trash outside the dumpster. All trash must be place inside dumpster.

  • Sweep the floors. The floors should be free from all debris. Return all brooms/dustpans to the kitchen.

  • Cleanup any and all liquid spills immediately.

  • Mop the floors.

  • Cleanup any broken glass immediately. In the event that any glass is broken during your event, you must report the breakage to us no later than the end of your event. This ensures that our cleaning crew is able to do a follow-up clean of the area after your event.

  • Pick-up any trash outside of the venue entrances/exits, including cigarette butts. Pick-up any trash in the parking lot left behind by your attendees.

  • Ensure there is no debris or liquids left in the trash cans.

  • Return all trashcans to the kitchen.

  • Notify us immediately of any damage done to the venue.

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